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Fire Service Career Resources

The days of filling out applications on paper are obsolete and now several agencies have utilized technology to expedite their application process. One helpful tip is to save your information in a word document and you can cut/paste this information into these online career websites when you are creating your profile. Next, review the job announcement and job description, specifically the information related to the job performance review standards (JPR's) and the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA's) for each position. Only apply for positions that you meet the minimum requirements in the job announcement. If you have any doubts and or questions, contact the hiring official for each specific agency to clarify these questions regarding the minimum requirements. Make sure you have a keen eye for attention to detail. Several of these items are highlighted in both the job announcement and the specific job description for each position. Remember this is a test and the test is simple; can you follow written directions. If you want this highly desirable position in the fire service, you first have to apply.




Deputy U.S. Fire Administrator Tonya Hoover
Fire Career Mentoring Session

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