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What is your WHY

What is your why 605 x 403

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If you truly know your why, you will also without a doubt unequivocally comprehend your what, where, when and how for your life.  In order to be a leader at home in your personal life or at work in your professional life; you must clearly establish your own strategic mission and vision statements.  Your core values will support your mission statement based upon your own unique morals, ethics, and beliefs.  Everything starts and ends with your why.  Your own personal leadership qualities are rooted in these very specific core values and they are established on the firm foundation of your personal mission statement.  I encourage you to consider these words and make the commitment to apply these principles to your own personal and professional pursuits.

I was previously challenged by my valued mentors with this same exact question.  Based on those challenging discussions with these integral mentors, it was critically important for me to clearly identify my priorities.  Ultimately, the reason why I exist is rooted in having a clearly established mission statement for my life.  Allow your passion to lead you to your purpose.

I am extremely thankful to each of these mentors for encouraging me to layout my own specific strategic blueprint for my life both personally and professionally. My mentors have made all the difference in my life.  I would not be where I am at today without their continued support and words of encouragement.  Truly mentors make all the difference in our lives.  


“It is very important from the upper chain of command that you make a very simple clear mission statement to people so that they know what it is they are trying to do.”

- Jocko Willink


“I firmly believe that analyzing our morals, principles, and values will help frame and build us as leaders in order to construct our mission statement.”

John Dixon


I can remember the exact day that my good friend and fellow colleague John Dixon challenged me with designing and implementing my own personal mission statement.  Please consider accepting this challenge as we inspire and encourage each other to seek continuous positive improvement.  If you need any assistance with this process, please feel free to contact me and allow me the opportunity to pay it forward and assist you with developing your own personal mission statement.


My Personal Mission Statement:

"To be a humble servant to the public we serve through education and mentorship. With support from my faith and my family together we can enjoy the best career in the world."


These Values support my Personal Mission Statement:

Compassion, Faith, Family, Gratitude, Humility, Knowledge, Passion, Mentoring, Service, and Stewardship.‬


Consider reading this article from John Dixon:

‘Identifying Morals, Values, and Principles – How To Become The Best Version of YOU!’ 


"We mentor each other, it is what we do."

- Andrew Starnes

The Power of The Word - WHY
Assistant Chief Nicol Juratovac
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